World Cup Roundup: Edition 1

Hi soccer fans, and welcome to the very first edition of World Cup Roundup!  As the 2014 World Cup looms in the not-so-distant future, this feature will cover a different qualifying country within every post with details and info on their team, players, World Cup history, and other fun tidbits.  While I regrettably won’t be able to cover every team (32 is a lot!), I’ll try to aim for a mix of popular and lesser known teams to keep things fresh.  So whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, hopefully you’ll discover something new and start getting excited for the upcoming games!

Without further adieu, I’ll kick things off (no pun intended) with the obvious, most awesome choice for the first team to be featured.

United States of America

Team Nicknames: Team USA, Stars and Stripes, Yanks.  (Come On You Yanks, or COYY in acronym form, is a popular motivator among USMNT fans.)

Team Colors:  This one should be a given – red, white, and blue, of course!  Although the shades may vary both home and away kits have generally stayed true to our colors.  Fun fact – One of the biggest fashion atrocities was committed during the 1994 World Cup, in the form of America’s away jersey.  It is affectionately dubbed ‘The Denim Kit’ and you can feast your eyes on it below.  I, for one, am glad that is behind us.

denim kit

“The Denim Kit” – 1994

Team Crest:  In doing my research on this, I’m surprised at how much controversy there is surrounding the USA crest.  Mainly, people think it’s pretty horrible and would like a reboot.  Something sleeker, more modern, less clunky.  You can see a copy of it here and after some thought I really have to agree that it looks like an Adobe Illustrator project for a high school class.  There are some great fan-made variations out there, and multiple petitions to update our current crest, but for now that one’s still official.

Manager:  Jurgen Klinsmann has been the USMNT’s manager since 2011.  He managed the German national team from 2004-2006, as well as the Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich from 2008-2009.  Jurgen originally played for the German national team (as well as various club teams) as a striker, scoring 47 goals for Germany and 226 goals in 506 club matches.

FIFA Ranking:  As of this writing the USA is ranked 14th.  This is great considering that in June of 2013 we were ranked 28th!  (Why is this important?  A FIFA ranking shows a country’s position among other world teams, e.g. 1 being the best.  It’s based on a points system, with points awarded to countries that win games in FIFA-sanctioned matches.  Rankings are also used to seed competitions like the World Cup draw, and it’s just a neat benchmark to see how your team matches up against the rest of the world.)

Group: G, along with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana.  (Ouch.)

World Cup History: The USA took 3rd place in the inaugural World Cup in 1930.  Since then things haven’t been too exciting, until recently.  The USA failed to even qualify for the World Cup for about 30 years until 1990, where they didn’t even make it out of the group stages.  But persistence pays off and they have qualified for every World Cup since, placing as high as 8th place in 2002, and even hosting the games here in the states in 1994.  The USA’s last competition in the 2010 World Cup was notably brighter and more exciting, and who can forget Landon Donovan’s last minute goal against Algeria to advance out of the group stages and win the game 1-0!  (You can relive that moment on YouTube.  I will admit I cried when this happened.)

Players to Watch: (Quick note: until countries finalize rosters, it’s tough to predict who exactly will make the cut!)  The US has a bevy of players that are growing in skill and popularity, most notably the likes of Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Landon Donovan, and Tim Howard.  You know, the more recognized ‘household names’ of soccer.  But there’s a lot (seriously, a lot) of youth talent on the rise – almost so much that it’s hard to narrow this down without listing the majority of players and turning this into a novel.  So personal favorites of mine that I’ve really taken a liking to in recent qualifiers and friendlies are Geoff Cameron and DeAndre Yedlin (defenders; Yedlin is very young at 20 so may not even make the cut, but is definitely up and coming); Mix Diskerud and Joe Corona (midfielders); Herculez Gomez, Aron Johannsson, and Eddie Johnson (forwards).  I purposely didn’t mention Jozy Altidore (forward) because his lack of consistency gives me hives sometimes and I don’t feel I can count on him to be a dependable contributor like I can with other players.  I feel the same way about Brek Shea (midfielder); a lot of people like him but I feel he doesn’t always produce at 100% for whatever reason.  (Fun fact – Shea actually scored the winning goal against Panama to win the 2013 Gold Cup for USA!)

My Thoughts:  The USA has a tough job ahead of them.  Not only does this year’s World Cup have a lot of powerful teams, but our group is pretty formidable.  The boys will have to play against Germany (who are downright clinical and scary), Portugal (hello Cristiano Ronaldo), and Ghana (who historically seem to have our number).  The first match is against Ghana who, if we come out extremely smart and strong, we have the potential to beat.  (And pay them back for knocking us out of the cup 4 years ago.)  Portugal comes next and if our boys can manage to shut down the prodigy that is Ronaldo, we may have a chance.  Germany, though … well, we’ll worry about that one later.  It’s a huge priority right now to win our first two games and get those points to jump to the top of our group. The USA has serious potential to advance out of this group and compete further, but they really need to be prepared to show the world that they’re here to play, and play very well.

– Sara Jenkins

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Daniel Steres: USL Pro Week 16 Player of the Week

The Hammerheads are proud to announce that for his performances against Orlando City and Harrisburg, Daniel Steres has been named the USL Pro Week 16 Player of the Week! We sat down with Daniel and asked him a few questions.

HH: What does it mean to you to be named the USL Pro Player of the Week for Week 16?

Steres: It is an honor to be named that last week. However, I feel better that I helped my team grab 4 points off the top two teams last week and keep our streak towards playoffs going. The personal accolade is
just extra.

HH: What are your personal goals from now until the end of the season?

Steres: I want to continue my form and get better and better as the season goes along personally, but obviously with the main goal at hand being getting our team into the playoffs and seeing what we can do from there.

HH: What’s your favorite part about living in Wilmington?

Steres: I’d say the best part of living in Wilmington is the small beach town feel. I’m from Southern California with plenty of nice beaches, but it’s just a whole different kind of beach and experience out here, which is neat. The multiple swamp lands and islands around are nice to checkout as well.

HH: Who or what has been the biggest influence in your life?

Steres: Well just soccer in general has been my biggest influence. It’s taken me all around the world, and has been the main motivator behind where I am in life today and the many little steps that got me here. Both my parents have also been a major influence on me because of all their support and help throughout my life and in guiding me to be the
person I am today.

HH: Do you have any special pre-game rituals?

Steres: Not much of anything special. I try to stay out of my head and away from superstition, but I would usually worry about getting a good meal at the right time, take a shower, and listen to music to pump myself up.


Steres scoring at home

HH: Of all the places your soccer career has taken you, what has been your favorite so far and why?

Steres: Probably a couple places for different reasons. I got to go play against EPL (English Premier League) youth teams with my club team at age 16 for a few weeks in London, England. That was quite a memorable trip and experience to see how soccer is treated there and the lifestyles those players live. Soccer in their culture is so much bigger than out here and its neat to experience as a young soccer player. And then the second place would be Seattle, Washington last year with the Sounders. Clearly one of my favorite in my soccer career to reach that level in the US and experience what it’s like to be an MLS pro. But the biggest part was to be living that life straight out of college, on my own, in a city that absolutely loves its soccer team, and was nearly the closest I have seen in America to what it was like in London.

HH: Give us one statement to send to all the Hammerheads fans out there from you.

Steres: For all the Hammerhead fans, I want to thank you for all the support you have shown already throughout the season, but would invite as much more support and attendance at our games for this last playoff push we make at the end of our season. Every little bit at the game helps, and we love seeing everyone out there!

Don’t want to miss a game when the Hammerheads are on the road, but you like the social environment that Legion provides?  Well then we have good news for you! You can always go to our away game viewing parties at Buffalo Wild Wings on Old Eastwood Road! This weekend we will be having one on Friday for our game against Rochester at 7:35 pm and will also be having one on Sunday for our game against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, kickoff is at 3:00 pm. So, come join your fellow fans, have some good food, and cheer on the Hammerheads!


Is there a question you’ve always wanted to ask Coach Irving, one of our players, or even one of our staff members? Well now’s your chance! Email with your questions and check out our Blog posts in the coming weeks to see the answers! All we ask is that you “keep it clean” and be sure to have fun with it! Anything is fair game.

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Skipper Cody Arnoux….?

One of the Hammerheads more well-known players (at least in our local community) got his first goal of the season recently. Who is that you ask? Any true Hammerheads fan could tell you we’re talking about Wilmington’s own Cody Arnoux! Not only did he get his first goal of the season, but it also happened to be the game winning goal in the 90th minute of a tightly contested match with Harrisburg.  In a recent sit down with Cody, we asked him questions about the experience of getting that first goal and also uncovered that he and Forrest Gump have more in common than you may think.

HH: As we all know, you’ve been battling injuries for the majority season. How did it feel to finally get on the field and get your first goal this season?

Arnoux: Felt great! It’s one if those things that weighs on you all year and once it comes it’s a big time relief.

HH: Was it any sweeter scoring it in front of the home crowd at Legion?

Arnoux: It was unbelievable to get the goal at home in front of the best fans in the USL!

HH: Most, if not all of our home crowd is from the Wilmington and surrounding areas, so a lot know you and have kept up with your career all the way from the youth ranks, to Wake Forest, to your senior career outside of Wilmington. Do you have anything you’d like to share with them?

Arnoux: Well first off it’s an honor to play in front of my friends and family game in and game out. It’s special to have so many people supporting me not only from my time here but my time on other teams as well.


Arnoux bringing the ball down the line against Rochester

HH: Some people believe that once a striker gets his first goal of the season, the rest come very quickly. Any thoughts on that?

Arnoux: Yeah, goal scoring is a confidence thing. Once the first one finally comes, you get a belief that more will come, you just need playing time in order for more to come

HH: If you weren’t playing soccer, what would you be doing and why?

Arnoux: If I wasn’t playing soccer I’d like to think I’d be captaining a fishing boat somewhere. Studying up now to take my captains test so hopefully one day it can become a reality.

HH: You can have dinner with any one person, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Arnoux: If I could have dinner with anyone I think it would be with retired Manchester United Manager, the Sir Alex Ferguson. Be fun to pick that guys brain apart. Bet he’s got some amazing stories.

HH: Any closing statements for all the fans out there?

Arnoux: Just want to thank them all for their continued support throughout the season. It means a lot to myself as well as all the guys to have such die-hard fans throughout the communities.

So, there you have it. Twenty years from now when someone asks you: “I wonder where Cody Arnoux ended up?” You can reply, with confidence, that he’s out there sailing the ocean blue. Also, don’t forget, that our next home game is against one of the newest additions to the league, VSI Tampa Bay, one week from today, Friday July 26th. Mark your calendars now and we’ll see you at Legion!


Is there a question you’ve always wanted to ask Coach Irving, one of our players, or even one of our staff members? Well now’s your chance! Email with your questions and check out our Blog posts in the coming weeks to see the answers! All we ask is that you “keep it clean” and be sure to have fun with it! Anything is fair game.

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National Team Spotlight: Bentick, Nicklaw

This summer is an exciting time for international soccer fans as national teams from around the world begin their final push to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil next summer. It’s also the summer of the Confederations Cup where the champion from each respective FIFA region will convene in Brazil in what will be a small taste of what we can expect from next summer’s World Cup. For those of us with national team ties in the CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) region, we will be watching the Gold Cup where our national teams play for the honor of being crowned the “Kings of CONCACAF” (copyright Zach Ambrose, 2013).

Though most of us only know what it’s like to cheer our respective countries on to victory from the couch or in the stands, there are a select few among us who have had the fortune to wear the colors of our country and represent them on the national stage. Here at the Hammerheads, we have a few players of our own who have had that good fortune and want to share their experiences with you so that you can better understand what it means to represent your country. We sat down with a couple of them and asked them what it meant to them to have that opportunity.

For Uriah Bentick, representing the Trinidad and Tobago U20 team was more than about soccer, it was about helping his family heal during tough times. When we sat down and asked him what it meant to represent his country,  Uriah replied with the following statement:

“I would have to say that it was prayers answered and an opportunity for me to use the talents God gave me to make my parents smile and be joyful during a time of grief and pain. It was a total blessing from God Jesus Christ because I can still remember kneeling down besides my bed asking God to play for the national team. But the journey certainly was not an easy one. At the first national team tryout I was not selected by the coaches, thankfully God gave me another opportunity to go to a second tryout, this time I was selected as part of the pool of national players.

Uriah going up and over to get a header.

Uriah going up and over to get a header.

After months of practicing with the team I had my first opportunity to represent my country in an Under 20 friendly international against El Salvador at the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Trinidad and Tobago, it was a great achievement in itself because of the hurdles I had to overcome. The night before the game I injured my quad muscle during a practice session, my leg was hurting a lot and I tried my best to massage it throughout the night to be ready for the game. Before I went to bed I prayed to God Jesus Christ and, faithfully, He allowed me to be healthy enough not only to play the game, but also to be in the starting eleven. In 2009 I was chosen to be a part of the roster for the Youth under 20 World Cup in Egypt. This too came after a testing stage of my life. During the months leading up to the World Cup, my then 22 year old brother was shot and killed. After his death I cried and I was truly saddened. My family and I mourned together as we lost a special part of our happiness. By God’s grace He comforted me and allowed me to eventually move on with the help of my fellow teammate who lost his brother as well.

Therefore as I represented my country and played for my national team at the youth World Cup, I saw it as a blessing given from God, not for me only but also for my family members. Being a part of the World Cup was refreshingly good news for my family and something for my parents to be proud of. More excitingly, each player was given the opportunity to bring one parent, so I decided to choose my dad and he had a lot of fun with the other parents.”

Though Shawn Nicklaw was born in San Diego, his parents are from Guam, so playing for the Guam National Team was a dream come true. Not only was he able to represent his country, but he was also given a chance to do something few in the professional sports world can do: play alongside his sibling. When asked about the experience, Shawn said the following:

“Well it’s a real honor to put on the jersey and go out there represent my country! I’ve always wanted to play at the national level and now I am living out my dream. Also, it’s pretty cool to do it along side my younger brother, who is also on the team with me and makes the experience so much more meaningful! Also, when I’m with the national team, a lot of the players that are native to Guam teach me and my brother a lot about our heritage. I’m looking forward to  having a national team camp on the island since I’ve never been, so really looking forward to that. Guam only has a population of about 180 thousand and we are playing countries with populations that are in the millions and sometimes billions, like when we played India just recently in February. It’s an honor and we take a lot of pride in what we are doing. At each competition we are progressively getting better and climbing up the FIFA rankings so it’s really cool being a part of the team and it’s progression as a nation in the Asian region and hopefully one day we become a top country in the Asian region as well!”

Shawn keeping possession

Nicklaw keeping possession.

Shawn also left us with a link to a short documentary Futbol Mundial recently did on the Guam National Team (nicknamed the Matao) and wanted us to share it with all of you, so here it is!

What I’ve learned from these two individuals is that, even though playing for your national team may mean different things to all individuals involved, they all share a common goal: to bring pride to their countries. It can’t get much sweeter than that.

-Zachary Ambrose

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A View From the Press Box

A view of The front of Legion Stadium taken from the parking lot. The press box is located on the top floor of the building where the windows are seen.

Above: A view of The front of Legion Stadium taken from the parking lot. The press box is located on the top floor of the building where the windows are seen.

Located just above the brilliant green soccer turf, the talented and vivacious dance team, and the dedicated and cheerful Hammerheads fans, rises the Legion Stadium press box. Within it sits many people working vigorously to ensure the success of  crucial tasks which must be carried out at each Hammerheads home game. If you have ever wondered who sits in the press box during games, what they do,  or what it looks like on the inside; this is the blog post for you.

On any regular  Hammerheads home game night, upon entry in the press box, the first thing you would see are the windows directly located on the back wall of the room.

Each window overlooks Carolina Beach Road, the arena parking lot, and the entry way to the Legion Stadium.  To your left you would find a door enclosing video equipment and personnel ready to carry out the necessary duties in order to live stream the soccer game on UNATION. Last but not least, to your right, you would find a long table with lights over head facing the soccer field and seating a few of the most important, but behind the scenes employees, of the Wilmington Hammerheads.


Above: Here is a view of the field from the Legion press box. This picture shows the human tunnel that was at the beginning of the Hammerheads game against the New York Red Bulls Reserves.


Above: A second view from the press box taken at the start of the game against the New York Red Bulls Reserves. The large windows pictured cover the entire front wall of the press box.











Usually sitting in this order; Chuck Carree, Tom Grady, Danielle Dorantich, George Hollen, and Larry Pakowski can be found working diligently at the long table inside the press box. On home game nights at Legion, each one has a specific and detailed job description outlining the many tasks they must complete before the end of the night.

Now that you have a little background, without further adieu let me introduce you to this press box team:

Although Chuck Carree and Tom Grady are not pictured, each can be found in the press box at nearly every home game. Chuck and Tom are both long time sports writers for the StarNews. Tom has written articles and posts about the Hammerheads for StarNews since 2002. Each are very valuable people in the press box, helping identify and recall important plays and delivering game recaps to the general public.

Left: Danielle Dorantich poses for a quick shot even though she is ready to start her many tasks that must be completed during each Hammerheads home games.

Above: Danielle Dorantich poses for a quick picture before her many game tasks must be carried out.

Danielle Dorantich is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Hammerheads. Throughout the game Danielle has many duties including: setting up the press box with all necessary materials, watching the game and taking detailed notes for a game recap, entering stats into the back of the USL PRO website, calling in the score after the game, faxing documents to USL PRO, and finally writing and submitting the game recap to USL PRO, all USL PRO teams, and all local media within an hour after the end of the game.

I had the exciting opportunity to fill Danielle’s shoes a few weeks ago when she had a previous commitment and had to miss the home game against the Phoenix FC Wolves. Although I had detailed notes to follow with directions instructing me step by step, I quickly realized the difficulty of her job. Ensuring that all tasks assigned were done correctly and in a timely fashion was difficult for me, but, it is a process that Danielle has easily mastered.

Above: George poses for the camera in between posting live tweets during the game.

Above: George poses for the camera in between posting live tweets during the game.


By day George Hollen can be found in downtown Wilmington at PPD working as a Quality Analyst. By night, he is usually found at a stadium or arena keeping stats for local sports teams. George has been working for the Hammerheads for about six years. Although he has done PA announcements and controlled the music in the past; this year George helps the Hammerheads by keeping the official stat sheet during the game and producing play-by-play live tweets from the Hammerheads Twitter account (@Wilmhammerheads).

On the nights that George is not helping with the Hammerheads, he is usually at UNCW doing the official book keeping for the Seahawks men’s and women’s basketball teams.



Above: Larry makes one of many announcements during the Hammerheads game.

Above: Larry makes one of many announcements during the Hammerheads game.


Larry Pakowski is the mysterious voice that can be heard booming over the speakers during each Hammerheads home game. During the day Larry works as the Registrar and Director of Admissions at Brunswick Community College, saving his voice to be a night time announcer for the Hammerheads and other UNCW sports teams. Not only does Larry do the announcing and music for every Hammerheads home game, but, he also uses his talent to announce other sports events including UNCW volleyball and softball along with women’s and men’s basketball.

Larry has been announcing for the Hammerheads now for 3 years and counting. When talking to Larry, he revealed the interesting fact that he was the first person to wear Sledge, the Hammerheads mascot suit. Although he carried that duty for most of the first season, he is now glad to be doing the announcing.



We hope that you now have a better understanding of the press box and who sits up there during each home game. Next time you see anyone walking into the press box or hear the loud announcers voice over the speakers I hope you remember who it is and please don’t hesitate to say hello when you do!

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Hammerheads Prepare to Take on the New York Red Bulls Reserves

This weekend will be one for the record books. Not only has the summer heat reached Legion Stadium, but the New York Red Bulls Reserve League of Major League Soccer will be entering the Shark Tank.

In January, the United Soccer League Professional Division reached a multi-year agreement with the MLS to integrate the MLS Reserve League teams into the USL PRO regular season schedule.

The Hammerheads have been busy this week preparing for this opportunity. The recent heat wave has had an effect on the players, but they are learning to work through it.


Photo Credit: Harris Talbert

Defensive Player, Tom Parratt, shared how hard it is for the team to play at such a high intensity in this weather. “We have to learn how to conserve our energy throughout the rising temperatures,” said Parratt.

The benefit of the team learning to adjust to the Wilmington heat is that the New York Red Bulls won’t be use to the same intensity and humidity, giving the Hammerheads a greater advantage.

Even though the Hammerheads’ opponent is an MLS Reserves team, the Hammers feel that they are absolutely prepared for this weekend’s game and they are getting an excellent opportunity with the new integration. “I think this is great for American soccer. It gives the young players of MLS more experience and it gives us the opportunity to showcase our abilities for the hope of an MLS contract,” said Parratt.


Pictured above is Tom Parratt, Green Training Bib
Photo Credit: Harris Talbert

It is expected that this weekend will be one of the most challenging games the Hammerheads will play this season, but the players disagree. “Every game is challenging in its own way. This weekend will be challenging because it will be the hottest game we have yet to play. But, we approach every game the same way,” said Parratt.

So come out to Legion Stadium this Saturday to help root on the Hammerheads as they play against the New York Red Bulls Reserve League. Make sure to wear your blue for the “Blue Out” and kickoff is at 7:30 pm.

See you there, Hammerheads fans!

– Jamie Placco

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Game Day Behind the Scenes: Referee Liaison

Imagine this: soccer with no officials. For some, like our beloved Port City Firm, this seems like a dream come true. However, in reality, without officials to make the difficult decisions on those lighting fast “bang-bang” plays we see so often in the beautiful game, who makes the call? It can’t be someone associated with a team involved, for obvious reasons, but it also can’t be any old Joe Schmo who thinks that attending his child’s club game on Saturdays is “proper training” to officiate a professional soccer game. We need someone with an unbiased opinion, specialized training, and proper officiating experience (sorry Mr. Schmo). This is what the officials that USL Pro provide us with bring to the table and what makes them such key pieces to any soccer match.

USL Pro recognizes their importance by requiring the home team to designate one staff member to see that the game officials are tended to and taken care of, known as the referee liaison. It is their job to prepare their locker room, escort them on and off of the field, and be the middle man between the team and the officiating crew. This post will take a look into what an average game  day is like for our Hammerheads Referee Liaison:

4:00 PM Arrive at Legion Stadium

4:15 PM Retrieve a cooler from storage and fill it with ice and 8 bottles of water, 2 per official. Place in the referee locker room

4:40 PM Retrieve 4 towels (1 per official), soap, and shampoo from storage, place in the referee locker room

5:00 PM Meet Danielle in the press box and retrieve the Referee Folder containing a game day schedule of events and the Official Match Report; receive any special instructions regarding match ball presentation, style of walkout, etc. that will need to be communicated to the officials

5:30 PM Assist in any preparations that need to be finished before the gates open

6:00 PM Gates open to the Public; Referees Arrive at Legion. Liaison greets the officials, hands them the Referee Folder, and gives them any special instructions for that game

6: 15 PM Officials do a first walk around the field. If the officials find something on the field is incorrect, the liaison communicates that to the team and proper modifications to the field are made.

6:30 PM Officials return to the locker room, Liaison takes referee ticket list to Will Call

6:45 PM Officials sign Game Lineup Sheets. Liaison distributes copies of Lineup to the officials, away team, and to the Press Box

7:00 PM Liaison takes final requests from Officials before kickoff, then goes to the field and sits at the Fourth Official’s table

7:15 PM Officials Arrive at the field. Liaison makes sure that Game Balls are ready and assists in helping with ball boys and girls; Lineup Announcements, National Anthem, and teams take the field


                                                                                                     The view from the Referee Liaison Table

7:30 PM First Half kick-off. Liaison assists fourth official with displaying substitutions, stoppage time, and managing ball boys.

8:15 PM First Half ends. Liaison escorts officials to the locker room and makes sure that they are taken care of during half time.

8:25 PM Officials Leave the Locker Room and are escorted by the liaison. Teams take the field

8:30 PM Second Half Kicks Off. Liaison assists fourth official with displaying substitutions, stoppage time, and managing ball boys.

9:15 PM Final whistle blows and the game ends. Along with a law enforcement officer, Liaison escorts the officials to the locker rooms. Liaison goes to the press box and retrieves the Final stats sheet to be signed by the officials.

9:30 PM Officials verify and sign stat sheet as well as completing the Official Match Report. Liaison distributes copies of these to the officials, visiting team, and press box.

9:45 PM Liaison retrieves a tape of the match from the press box and distributes it to the officials. Officials make last second requests to the Liaison  Officials leave Legion Stadium.

10:00 PM Liaison cleans the Officials locker room and assists in break down

10:30 PM Leave Legion Stadium

So, as you can see, USL Pro makes sure that the game officials are well taken care of, but the team can only do so much in making the officials experience a positive one. What our game officials will remember a month after they leave Legion isn’t the treatment they received from a liaison who is required to take care of them, but the level of sportsmanship they received from those you watching the game, playing the game, and coaching the game. Together, we can make Legion Stadium a place where all, including officials, can be excited to enjoy a night of Hammerheads Soccer! Remember Hammerheads fans, Keep Calm and Hammer On!!!

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